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Welcome to Weekend Warriors Guild Page:

Who are the Weekend Warriors?
We are just a group of friends that like to play the WOW TCG Card Game. 
We get together as often as we can to do this.

Our Core Group includes Me (Rick) and my wife (Stacy) & our friends Dana Fred & Malcolm.

We love to have new people come and we have a large assortment of custom made Play decks for all.

Please see the Calendar for locations of card nights. We will try to keep this up to date.
Guild News

Sat Apr 9 2011 - Naxxramis Raid night part 2 - Plague Quarter

Kameleonx, Apr 9, 11 11:14 PM.
We had our second night of the Naxxramis Raid deck.

Tonight the players took on the Plague quarter.

In attendance Stacy (Elemental Shaman), Fred (Malcolms Holy Priest Deck), Malcolm (Sick and twisted Warlock deck), Dana (Frost Mage Deck), Rick (Naxxramis Boss)

The Boss came out of the Gate swinging taking Fred down to 9 health within the first 3 turns.
The group Joined together and fought back. Dana kept the 3 bosses at bay from casting anything to detrimental. Fred was finally able to heal the raid and keep up with heals throughout. Malcolm kept the boss busy with crazy worgen deck. Stacy was the superstar with her Elemental shaman doing the majority of the damage to the boss's. Curse you all, you have defeated the plague quarter.
But Naxxramis is not through, You still have 2 more Quarters and froswyrm lair to defeat.

We also had time for 2 enfeeble games.
1st Enfeeble. (Enfeeble is a player made game created and adapted by our Play group)
One at the beginning of the night with Stacy (Elemental Shaman), Dana (Frost Mage), Malcolm (Bringer of death warlock), Rick (Murderous Torment Mage)
This game saw rick and dana fizzling and nether fracturing lots of cards but it was stacy who was able to take everyone out in one enfeeble round that set the tombstones on us all. This game was ended due to the arrival of Fred so we could start the raid. Stacy won the game with 16 points. 

2nd Enfeeble game.
Dana (Priest deck), Fred (Shaman), Stacy (Elemental Shaman), Malcolm (Rogue), Rick (Murderous Torment Mage)
Dana came out the gate quick with a search your deck for a card it is instant and free to cast this turn. 
He played a 25 cast cost card that said during the start of his next turn he would win the game.
That was just the first round (sheesh). Everyone struggled to stop the effect from taking place. Rick saved the day with an ability that neutralized the card and fred finished it off with a white Ally from fields of honor that destroys abilitys when a hero readies.
The game continued on with everyone getting pot shots in here and there.
but it wasn't until dana played another card that found everyone putting all theri allies from their decks into play that gave rick the upper hand to kill off everyone and get the 20 point cap.

Thanks to all that came and to Terry and Justin we want you to know that you were missed tonight.
Hope to see you again sometime.

Well until next week this is your Weekend Warrior update.

Kameleon signing off.

Sat apr 2nd 2011 - Naxxramis Raid Night

Kameleonx, Apr 3, 11 10:58 AM.
We had our first official Naxxramis Raid night.
Lots of great Damage and Healing done.

Our group has defeated the Arachnid Quarter and will be pressing on to clear the remaining 3 Quarters before heading to Frostwyrm Lair.

Thank you to all who came and Welcome to Newcomer Justin. 
Justin had the killing blow on the last Boss in Arachnid Quarter.

Welcome Back Terry - She also had some really good pot shots on the boss's

Poor Stacy was shut down for some if it but between her and Dana they kept the Boss's from doing to much damage. (Freakin' Frost Shock Bah).

Fred as always had many interrupts and arcane torrents on his sleave.

Malcolm perhaps got MVP for being the most anoying healer in a game. (Ya really made it hard for me to take anyone out ya bugger)

Hope to see you all again next week.

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